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Welcome to Wervas Ambassador Program

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Executive Virtual Assistant

WERVAS is known to provide tailored Executive Virtual Assistant services that quickly suit these executives and businesses. Our virtual assistants are talented and versatile in handling an optimistic number of everyday tasks to suit your business needs. Whether fixing an appointment, responding to an email, or attending to any general company errand, we at Concierge help you reduce your burden and increase efficiency.


As a team, While knowing tools and applications, our team ensures proper communication. Our EVAs are trained to deliver excellence and accuracy in conference management or scheduling, research or report writing, document preparation, and filing. Outsource your operational processes to WERVAS, knowing that we shall reduce your workload and help you spend most of your energy in critical areas such as business development.


Use our Executive Virtual Assistant service to reduce your working minutes. Allow WERVAS to become your assistant and support you with practical and helpful motivation and assistance toward your goals.

Executive VA

#1 Executive Virtual Assistant Provider

As an executive, your time is crucial. Instead of planning meetings and paying bills, you should use that time to make plans, manage critical partners, and drive growth. Executive Virtual Assistants at WERVAS are experts at taking over the tedious administrative work that leaders need more time to do. Our skilled assistants have years of experience helping leadership teams and executives who work alone. They can easily handle jobs like sorting through emails, managing calendars, planning trips, and more. We carefully choose each team member and train and oversee them all the time so that you can count on reliable, practical help. Our Executive Virtual Assistants can help if you need more paperwork to lead well.

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Offload Tedious Tasks

Our Executive Virtual Assistants take over your executive's drudgery—leaving them to focus on high-priority tasks. Scheduling, document formatting, report analysis, expense tracking—you name it. With every assistant, we provide dedicated management and strict QA protocols, ensuring you get reliable and continuous support. And that is why you save significantly on costs, as our staff are offshore talent. The one solution is the hired Executive VA of Wervas if you want to offload all your tasks and be able to work strategically.

Email Management

Our Executive Virtual Assistants effectively handle everyday communication and prioritize crucial emails in your inbox so you can concentrate on making vital decisions. Expert email management allows every executive to work at their highest level.

Calendar Scheduling

Our Executive Virtual Assistants skillfully arrange appointments and meetings on your calendar to guarantee the best time management. Organize yourself and attend important meetings with our dependable calendar scheduling services.

Travel Coordination

Our Executive Virtual Assistants manage all aspects of your travel arrangements, from lodging and flights to ground transportation. Experience stress-free, easy-to-plan travel arranged according to your needs.

Document Preparation

Our Executive Virtual Assistants effectively create and arrange documents so your reports, proposals, and presentations are expertly written and delivered on schedule. Preparing documents carefully will increase your productivity.

Research & Analysis

To help with your decision-making, our Executive Virtual Assistants carry out in-depth investigations and offer comprehensive analysis. You can obtain insightful information and statistics-supported recommendations using our extensive research and analysis capabilities.

Presentation Building

Our Executive Virtual Assistants manage deliverables, resources, and schedules for your projects from start to finish. With the professional project management help you need, stay on course and reach your objectives.

Expense Tracking

Using our accurate expense-tracking services, keep your money under control. Your primary duties can be concentrated while our Executive Virtual Assistants monitor your spending, generate reports, and guarantee correct financial records.

Stakeholder Communications

Utilizing our specialized services, keep up good communication with your stakeholders. Our Executive Virtual Assistants oversee your email, plan meetings, and make sure everyone is informed and involved, promoting cooperation and solid relationships.

Social Media Management

We are responsible for the daily maintenance of social media accounts across various networks, including the scheduling of branded content, the monitoring of engagement, the response to followers, and the analysis of metrics. We aim to increase your brand value.

Most Affordable Virtual Assistant For Your Small Business

Use the power of in house Virtual Assistant Team solely dedicated to your business. Check our affordable competitive pricing for your small business virtual assistant.

Hiring Your Executive Virtual Assistant

Welcome to WERVAS! As a new client, we look forward to working together and ensuring a successful partnership. In our onboarding call, we will cover essential topics together with managing day to day operations with your virtual assistant. We are committed to allot you the best assistant within 72 Hours. We simplify the hiring process by matching you with the best assistant for your unique needs. 


Break Through Session

Upon placing your query, you will receive a call from one of our managers to discuss more about your needs and our support offerings. 



In order to allot you the best executive assistant, we will shortlist some of our in house assistants that aligns with your business goal. We will email you their CV's for you to select the candidates for interview.



Once we’ve screened and you have shortlisted the most suitable candidates, we will set up a virtual interview process.

Our entire recruitment process is 100% free with no obligations.


Plan Selection

Once you are fully satisfied and want to proceed with us, you will be requested to select the best plan according to your business needs. You can take help from us to get a clear idea about the plan.



You will receive a calendar placeholder from your assigned Account Manager on your start date as a reminder. Please arrange your 1st day session with your assistant separately.



Please let us know if we need to arrange any equipment or install tools before your agents start.


Training Materials

You can ask for access to our collaboration workspace to store your training materials and monitor their progress.

- Our Gurantee -

We provide the best pricing tailored to your business requirement.

What Our Clients Say

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"I can't underscore enough their communication was and it was so useful to the entire process. They conveyed a professional website that has not just given the customer a reestablished feeling of certainty yet additionally had an enormous influence in helping them develop their business. Adaptable and understanding, the group made an interpretation of ambiguous solicitations into solid thoughts."
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