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How long does it take to hire a virtual assistant?

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Don’t be hurry while hiring a Virtual Assistant! You can hire a Virtual Assistant within 5 minutes, but that will not be a good idea. Because, that person will work as your third hand. You can use him/her for your important business tasks, personal tasks, for some presentation, social media tasks, etc. So, you have the right to judge your VA before hiring. It would be better if you follow the below procedure of while hiring a VA:-

  1. Send us your requirement and discuss with us.

  2. Based on your requirement, we will allocate the best fit dedicated VA for you. You can schedule an interview with her/him.

  3. Choose the best monthly/quarterly plan as per your need.

That’s it!! This procedure will not take more than 30–45 minutes but these 30 minutes can save your 30000 hours.

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