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How to create a Pinterest Board? Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Did you know that about 50% of your success on Pinterest depends on naming your Pinterest board?

Here I will discuss how to create a Pinterest board based on the past SEO result. We can do Pinterest SEO the same as Google SEO. Pinterest is a Search engine — World’s largest Image search engine. When you think getting traffic from your Pinterest account, your biggest priority should not be getting followers, you should focus on Pinterest search engine optimization before anything else. The Pinterest board is the foundation of your Pinterest SEO traffic.

You may not realize how important Pinterest board names are for your success on this platform. Giving keyword optimize, titles to your boards on Pinterest can be absolutely crucial to helping your pins rank higher for the keywords you want to target in them. The very common mistake people make often nowadays. They add some symbol on the title which is not good for ranking. For example, if you want to target a keyword “Outdoor Travel” and you made your title “Wow Great View”, it is not a good title at all. They are just trying to make some creative board names. The title does not match with your keywords and when people see this board called “Wow Great View”, they will start thinking what it’s all about. So, do not make things complected — just make it simple and easy. Since Pinterest is a search engine, we need to provide the correct keyword context to our pins and board if we want our content to be found in recommended pins and search results on Pinterest.

The tip number one is, do not search for creative board ideas but do the keyword research first and include keywords you found on Pinterest in your board title and description. Do the wide search term first on your Pinterest search section which is relevant to your niche. And then you can start narrowing it down based on the keywords suggested by the Pinterest search bar.

As you can see I have made a search for “Virtual Assistant” which is our main target keyword. Here Pinterest search bar is suggesting more relevant keywords that have more search volume by people. Based on these keywords we need to create our board titles and descriptions. We have to include these suggested keywords on the board description and when we will post a pin, we should add these keywords over there as well.

The suggested keyword which we can add: Virtual assistant services, Virtual assistant jobs, Virtual assistant quotes, Virtual assistant business, Virtual assistant training, how to become a Virtual assistant, Real estate Virtual assistant, Virtual assistant website, etc.

You may think which are the keywords should we choose as there are a lot of suggestions. Ideally, you should choose those keywords for your boards that will fit the content of your website and services.

Also, keep in mind on Pinterest these search suggestions are based on their popularity. The most popular keywords are on the left side and it goes lower and lower as long as it moves to the right side.

Board Description: Now when you start writing your board description, you might think about how many keywords you can use and how to implement those in a good manner. Just copying and pasting keywords on your boards or by just separating them by using some commas or lines is not a good idea as you will be in trouble in the future and your board can be removed. Pinterest might be less strict with keyword staffing at this time but we don’t know when they will change their algorithm and their spam filters only one has developed. Trust me, they will always come stricter by time. I put some time on keyword research and if I have to spend some extra minutes to write a proper description so it does not look spammy.

So, I have written this description based on my previous search results.

Wervas is a well known virtual assistant services company. You will find virtual assistant tips here. If you want to become a virtual assistant this will help you. We are in the virtual assistant business since 2016 and we always try to provide better services time by time. The tips we will share on this Pinterest board: – how to become a virtual assistant. – tools virtual assistant can use – what are the services we can offer as a virtual assistant – how to be more productive – how can you manage your time


What we have to do follow the similar process you same as Google SEO, we have a list of keywords, you find a way to include them in the text naturally. Do not forget to select the category for your board. Pinterest has a wild list of categories but it is not wide enough to add all the niches over there. Here I tried to find the exact niche but it was not there so I choose a similar one. It is recommended that you don’t just choose any category if you are not sure. Just leave it and Pinterest will guess the best possible category for your board — based on the pins you are saving to your board.

For the Pinterest board title, here is a good trick. When you sign up for your Pinterest account, we would be redirected to a page Here Pinterest is showing the popular and interesting pins to their new users. If you click through any of these categories, you will redirect to the detailed page some of the biggest topics included in this category. I always recommend you to use this tool to analyze how popular your niche or topic is on Pinterest. Once you click on the subcategories, you will redirect to the main pages. You can follow their Title or Category title for your board title.

If your pins title or board title is matched with the search results, you will get more traffic from Pinterest. If you follow these steps, you will reach to the bigger audiences to people who follow the topics you mentioned on your board contents.

Now let us know in the comment section what is the question you have about Pinterest marketing.

Note: We have used this strategy for our clients and they are getting good results. We have not tried this yet for our WERVAS Pinterest account yet and the niche Virtual Assistant is not that much popular compare to Art, Food, Health, Animals, Education, Fashion, Sports, that is why is a time taking process for us.

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