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Virtual Assistants for Store Owner

The United Arab Emirates now has Amazon, with

Find out in this article the what, the why the how of this new happening in the UAE eCommerceworld and how you as a UAE store owner can gain the most.

In 2019, many great developments have occurred, but none so impactful as this one for UAE Online Store Owner. UAE online retail giants is now officially This merger is a giant leap forward for this sector in UAE. But it doesn’t come as a surprise. The thing is that Amazon Inc. bought out This was around mid-way through 2017. Souq was up and running as it was. But now if you visit the site, you’ll be redirected to the home page. This is an absolute net positive for all UAE online retail. But with that, there come new challenges. We can help overcome such challenges in the most efficient manner.

Want to know how?

Read on.

The Site Change and What it will Bring Along

The Middle Eastern markets have been one of the best ones to do business in. Especially in the UAE, where there’s a long line of successful entrepreneurs who have a lot of great things to offer, especially in terms of products. As a channel for that, they created which was the selling platform. This went very well, especially because of the huge number of products on sale. And addition to that ample number of willing buyers from inside the country and around.

In Comes Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, which sells anything that you might want. So, this was in due course that they would want to take part and they did midway around the year 2017. At about $580 million USD, they had the ownership of went on as it did from there on, albeit with more products. But is going to be the true game changer. Here, not only will people from UAE will get everything they were getting from Souq. But now they have access to products from Amazon Global Store.

That’s it?

No, there’s more to this.

Previously if the locals wanted to buy from the massive Global Store inventory. was the go-to where they would have to pay online. With, you get cash on delivery for the same. Then what is the exact challenge UAE online store owner facing from this change?

The Challenge that brings to UAE Ecommerce Businesses

The different business selling products through are up for a challenge here. Some speculated, but a lot of them were on the momentum. The level of challenge may vary but the initial challenge is the same for all of them. If you are a seller on UAE commerce business, you might already face this problem –

  1. You need to shift your store from SOUQ to Amazon. If you have a good number of products in your store, you have to spend a lot of your valuable time on it.

  2. Not Only That! You may think that Amazon product listing is an easy stuff to do, but not really. You need to know the process of it.

  3. You need to choose the proper Title, Description, Search tag and other content for the specific product you are going to list on Amazon.

  4. Your product listing content must be SEO friendly so that people can easily get to reach your store.

  5. You are not the only seller over there. There are numbers of similar products supplier listing their products too on Amazon. So, you need to know what makes your product different from others? Why your product will be at the top of the search results?

  6. Amazon is going to go by its own algorithm, the A9.

If you as a UAE store owner want to keep that momentum going — the answer is virtual assistant services, more on that later. Hiring a virtual assistant is an easy step to go and you can save you time and money.

But that’s not where it ends. The whole approach to the listing, promotion and selling is going to be different. If you’re used to doing business on Souq, you might be on a dilemma. And figuring things out yourself will need time. Something, which is a scarce commodity in this hyper-competitive market. That’s where we can help you get that upper hand.

Do you want to bypass the effects of this change from to It might seem a tough proposition, but we make it possible. Have a look at our services here –

  • We can help you with listing your products on

  • Also, with the sales process along with the online store management which you might need.

  • Then, we’ll take care of the SEO aspect of Ecommerce with this.

  • After that comes the much-needed branding on Social Media. We can do that for you as well.

Finally, to consolidate all of this, we’ll provide you full time online support for these campaigns. That way, you can have that extra advantage on your UAE eCommerce competitors. Right from the get go.

Why select WERVAS over the Others to Succeed on

There are many virtual assistant services in UAE and over the world. All make bombastic claims with their over the top headlines. But do they really stick to their slogans? No! At least according to their client’s feedback. How affordable they are? We believe, you should not invest a huge amount for this. You need to choose the best affordable virtual assistant services provider. After a thorough study of the needs of the market and the businesses that are there, we have put together the ultimate set of services. All with the aim of bringing you the right results. That is why we have some of the top engineers on our teams, with impeccable expertise in everyone’s field and years of experience backing that up.

Your business needs will be in great hands.

To avail the best virtual assistant services for success on We also go charge the most reasonable rates for our services. You can get in touch with us through a phone call

(+1 347 414 9343) or email. Whichever you prefer, as we are active all the time.

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