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Negative reviews on Google can make you feel as though you are wearing a Scarlet letter everywhere you go.

Feelings of shame over your first negative review are understandable. It should not serve as a time for hiding out in your closet.

A poor online reputation can spell doom for any business, large or small.

Here are a few likely consumers to leave bad reviews:

  • Product malfunctions

  • Incomplete or poor services rendered

  • Inaccurate charges

  • Incorrect orders

Potential customers like to know that when they spend their money, on the off-chance that things go wrong, the business owner will make things right.

As a business owner, you cannot expect to avoid negative Google reviews, but you can aspire to make sure they not only don’t hurt you, but they work to your benefit.

Here comes the most interesting part, now Google Reviews can be purchased. YES! you read that right.

There are tons of people over the social media who can provide you hundreds- and thousands of 5-Star Google Reviews with custom feedbacks. Yes! You heard that right. If you are a business owner you can get positive feedback on your Google My Business profile without serving the reviewing person. You just need to spend some money and BAMM! Your Google My Business will be flooded by positive feedbacks which will help you to showcase the excellence of your service.

We all are consumers, let us thing from a consumer’s point of view. If service providers tend to purchase reviews, is there any point in looking for Google Reviews while opting a service? I strongly believe your answer is “NO”. Why would an individual trust the reviews if it can be purchased? It might happen the best service provider (according to Google Reviews) in your region turns up to be the worst one.

The Ninja Technique

Businesses nowadays have a technique to defame their competitors, I call it Defaming Ninja Technique. In this technique, they purchase bad reviews, YES! Bad reviews and instruct the review-provider to post those in your competitors Google My Business Page. Putting bad reviews helps to drag down your competitors and establish your business at top of them. Is it good to follow the principle “When you can’t rise up- pull them to down”?

Though there is an option of flagging reviews, I am not sure how effectively it works.


I believe Google has the capability to do anything they want. I hope Google looks into it and come up with some solution. Till then business owners should think like a consumer and stop purchasing Google Reviews.

Please comment below your opinion regarding the same.

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