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Top 10 Instagram Hashtags for 2020

Hashtags take an important part of your social media engagement, mostly for Instagram. It can help your social media posts reach a target audience, increase followers in your niche and develop a more positive brand image. Hashtags can take your business to a new level, but if used very often or without a clear strategy, those become pointless and inefficient such as #happy #veryhappy #awesome #joyful.

Why are hashtags important?

Hashtags are initial Instagram’s starting process. Every day around 90 million photos posted on Instagram, it’s difficult for Instagram to perfectly deliver the right content to the particular people. These hashtags help your post get discovered by the audience most interested in seeing it. Basically, using a hashtag is a better way to categorize your posts. Hashtags help your target audience find you by your posts. These audiences are more likely to engage with your post because your post is exactly what they wanted.

Using one of the most popular Instagram hashtags to your post doesn’t necessary you’ll get more engagement. The above hashtags are very popular, they are being used by billions of users, so your post will most likely be obscured by the competition.

  1. #style: This one goes out to all the posts that encompass the essence of your style.

  2. #love: Instagram is the place to go to put your best photo with all of your love moments — whether it be your amazing partner, a new hairstyle, or a breath-taking sunset, #love photos encompass the best of what the platform has to offer.

  3. #instagood: Get in on a trending community of workout warriors with photos and videos from your best exercise sessions, using the #instagood hashtag to share the moment. This #hashtag can be used for any kind of posts.

  4. #instamood: This hashtag is similar to #instagood — one of the most popular hashtags of 2020 above this list — and is perfect for Instagrammers who post every day.

  5. #me: This hashtag for those who are obsessed with themselves and who are not? It’s a basically selfie hashtag.

  6. #fashion: Get in on a trending community of fashion warriors with photos from your best dress, outwear using the #fashion hashtag to share the moment.

  7. #ihonesia: This hashtag is dedicated to the burgeoning community of Instagrammers in Indonesia.

  8. #foodporn: I hope you’re hungry! The #foodporn tag is for the delicious and mouthwatering posts of sweets, burgers, how to make food videos and many more. This hashtag is for the best of the best when it comes to delectable treats on Instagram — find the most perfect, tasty and delicious food pictures on the internet under this hashtag.

  9. #motivation: People daily looking for posts on social media for motivation. So, it obvious your motivational quotes or posts with #motivation will get viewed by millions of audiences.

  10. #photooftheday: You can use this hashtag for any photo you are posting on social media. If you are managing a business account this #photooftheday hashtag will give you more engagement. For daily content, this hashtag will increase your exposure.

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